The Coulee Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) wants you to join our efforts to establish a tenants organization right here in La Crosse County to fight for everyone’s right to fair, affordable, and universal housing.

Have you or anyone you know been subjected to the following?
• Losing all or part of your security deposit
• Invasion of privacy
• Eviction
• Seizure of property
• Unsafe living conditions/repairs needed

Please reach out:


We are here to help you access information and legal resources, document and report illegal behavior by landlords, push back and win repairs, security deposits, and respectful treatment, and fight for fair and affordable housing as a universal human right.

Other Resources:

Legal Action of Wisconsin: Free legal assistance for low-income Wisconsin residents

REACH Center: Host organization for various charitable and other support organizations

Dane County Tenant Resource Center: Lots of information and advice regarding renting and Wisconsin rental laws

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection Landlord Complaint Form: If a landlord has treated you unfairly, fill out this form

La Crosse Human Rights Commission Discrimination Complaint Form: If you are a La Crosse resident and feel that you may have been discriminated against in housing, fill out this form